VFI Is More Than Just Spray in Truck Bedliner

Volatile Free, Inc. has been manufacturing polyurea hybrid spray in truck bedliner since our beginning—which was almost 30 years ago. This material is manufactured onsite at our Midwestern facility, where our team takes time to ensure quality in every batch. While you may not have heard our name before, that may be because we have primarily sold private-label products to distributors around the US. So, it’s very likely you have seen or used our product before.

These polyurea hybrid coatings are most known for protecting truck beds, but they can also be used for a handful of other applications. They offer durability, anti-slip protection, and resistance to chemicals, rust, and corrosion over various surfaces, including metal, wood, and concrete. These coatings come in 3 different versions for various processing needs: high-pressure, low-pressure, and Qwik Spray.

Convenient Qwik Spray Cartridges for Spray on Bed Liner

Did you know that VFI developed a spray on bed liner in a convenient quick spray cartridge format? In fact, we were one of the first, if not the first, to take cartridge-based spray bed liner to market. It typically only takes one full case (6 cartridges) to completely cover and protect a truck bed.

The cartridge-based system was created based on the desire for small-scale spraying with low startup costs. Using the VFI-7500 Qwik Spray Gun, users now have an easy, portable method for spraying truck bedliner. The spray gun only requires 10 cfm of dry air at 100 psi of constant pressure to operate, which is much less than a high- or low-pressure system requires. It comes with static mix tips and all the gun accessories needed to spray.

A perk about this product is that it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of a traditional high-pressure, spray in truck bedliner. It has all the same benefits, including durable watertight protection from rust, corrosion, impact, and abrasion. Another perk is how easy cleanup is. Since the material comes in disposable cartridges, all you have to do is throw them away when you’re finished spraying.

Because polyurea hybrid coatings are so versatile, these QS cartridges are used for:

  • Low-cost bedliner applications. Coatings are used to protect truck beds from damage for an extended lifespan and increased resale value. Due to a spray-on application method, they are versatile for sealing truck beds of any make or model. Unlike drop in bedliner, there’s no shifting or rubbing that causes noise. Also, dirt, moisture, or debris do not accumulate underneath.
  • Speaker box coatings. They are used to protect speakers from abrasion and impact damage that can occur from indoor or outdoor use. The textured surface adds a unique visual appeal, improving not just aesthetics but functionality of the equipment.
  • Recreational coatings. They are a great option when your ATV, UTV, boat, or other recreational vehicle is expected to navigate through rough terrain. Polyurea hybrid coatings provide long-term protection from abrasion and impact caused by mud, dirt, debris, rocks, and more.
  • Theming and attractions projects. While polyurea hybrid coatings are not the first choice for most of these projects, they can serve as a cost-effective alternative to polyurea or polyurethane. These coatings work for many applications if a textured, black, paintable surface is desired.
  • Work trucks. These coatings can be used on a handful of utility vehicles and commercial fleets. They rely on polyurea and polyurea hybrid coatings to protect them against extreme weather and rough road conditions during transport. They also use this protection to prevent heavy loads from causing impact, abrasion, or chemical damage as they move around, rub against surfaces, or leak.

VFI Also Makes Polyurea Coatings

While polyurea hybrid coatings are extremely versatile materials, there are applications where pure polyurea might work better. Polyurea is a premium product due to its higher properties, better chemical resistance, and improved moisture resistance. Our general-purpose option is VFI-201, with VFI-200 and VFI-202 being slow and fast versions, respectively. These coatings are used in applications such as:

  • Secondary containment. This is an application that requires the use of polyurea coatings as temporary containment for chemical, oil, and other liquid spills that break through primary containment. Polyurea’s robust properties and fast setting abilities support their use in various settings.
  • Sacrificial coatings. They are used as temporary protection where mechanical abrasion is present. Our general-purpose polyurea is best utilized for these applications. It creates a barrier between abrasive materials and the substrate and is reapplied as it wears away.
  • Kennel floor coatings. They protect not only the surfaces they’re applied to but also the safety of pets. They are durable, slip-resistant, and prevent bacterial growth. With a seamless surface, there’s no way for moisture or other debris to accumulate beneath the material.

What Makes VFI Different Than the Competition?

1. Accurate Properties

Publishing accurate, comprehensive physical properties for products plays a vital role in the customer experience. Your polyurea or polyurea hybrid coating is expected to perform the way it is supposed to according to its properties, and it can be a nuisance when it doesn’t.

This is why our products go through in-house and third-party testing to ensure physical properties are posted correctly. Our lab staff uses industry-trusted ASTM testing methods to determine the physical properties of each product. We then post technical data sheets with this information, which go through multiple reviews before they are published.

Some important physical properties we list for spray in truck bedliner and polyurea coatings include hardness, tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, elastic modulus, permanent set, and adhesion strength. We also list liquid properties for gel, tack-free, recoat, and full cure so you know the material working time and when your project will be ready for service.

2. Continuous Batching

Large companies tend to make big batches of material in which one product is made in a single production run. The material is then stored until it’s ordered, and another product goes into the production process. This can typically cause longer lead times for setup and production, which can slow down the time the product gets to customers, especially if the stock runs out and another batch isn’t scheduled for production soon after.

A benefit of working with VFI is that we do continuous batching. This process allows us to consistently make smaller batches, so you not only get fresher material, but you also get products delivered to you faster. Having more control over inventory and flexibility with the batching process allows for higher customization in our materials as well. We are also capable of making larger batches if needed.

3. Technical Insight

We have an onsite lab, staffed with knowledgeable chemists as well as field technicians who are able to talk customers through their problems. Both teams work together to come up with valuable solutions. With years of experience, our chemists research and evaluate the coatings market to determine customer needs before they occur. They are consistently developing new, innovative formulas that benefit unique projects. And when needed, you’ll have access to direct technical support.

4. Customized formulas

When you need a nonstandard polyurea or polyurea hybrid coating with specific properties to meet your own specifications, the VFI team can provide unique solutions. We work with you to create a formula with the properties you desire for improved performance. We start by asking you questions to understand your situation so we are better equipped to get you what you need.

If there is a polyurea or polyurea hybrid coating that we offer that is close to what you’re looking for, we will work from that formula to develop something that matches your requirements. With a custom formula, we can adjust cure speed, coating texture and finish, or other properties for extreme conditions. It’s also always possible that you may be looking at the wrong product entirely, and we’ll be able to guide you towards one of our available solutions.

5. Customer-driven

Above everything else, we take pride in servicing our customers with a personalized approach. We’re dedicated to getting you answers quickly when you need help finding a specific product, placing an order, or using our coatings for the first time. Our staff is always happy to troubleshoot issues that customers run into when using our products.

We take time to evaluate the feedback we get from customers and aim to improve existing products or create new ones based on it. We want to lead you to a solution that will be the best for your project. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to develop a custom formula.