VFI®-3218 1:1 Epoxy Primer

VFI®-3218 1:1 Epoxy Primer

VFI-3218 1:1 Epoxy Primer is a two-component, water-based roof primer that can adhere to many different substrates. It promotes the bond between silicone, acrylic, or urethane roof coatings and almost any existing roof substrate. A strong epoxy primer will prepare your roof for the application of a maintenance coating, eliminating adhesion failures and the need for costly repairs.

1:1 Epoxy primer that provides excellent adhesion on many different materials and provides bleed block properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Penetrates and seals porous substrates to improve the adhesion of top coats
  • A 1:1 mix ratio allows for easy mixing at different volumes without wasting a whole kit
  • Epoxide-based material is versatile to provide great adhesion to many different substrates
  • Grey coloring contrasts with top coat colors to highlight areas in need of more coverage
  • Offers lower VOC levels than the EPA-regulated amount
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate

Instructions for Use:

Surface Preparation

Detailed surface preparation will depend on the substrate to be coated and the application. Make repairs to damaged structural components, including drains, vents, flashing, seams, etc. Clean the surface of contaminants that may inhibit adhesion, including oil, dirt, films, or other debris. Use a power washer and roof cleaning detergent on hard-to-clean areas. Use a concentrated chlorine solution to clean areas containing mildew, fungus, or algae. Rinse off all cleaning agents and allow the roof to dry before priming.


As a two-component system, each product must be mixed before use. Premix the A side before adding the B side to the A side container. Mix them together until uniform. Mixing times will depend on volume and mixing method. The outside temperature must be between 50°F – 120°F during application, and rain and moisture cannot be present.

Apply VFI-3218 1:1 Epoxy Primer to the roof with a sprayer, roller, or brush at a minimum rate of .25 gallon per square or 400 square feet per gallon. Check specifications for required wet and dry film thickness. The primer will need a minimum of 8 hours to fully cure. Applying a topcoat is required within 48 hours after priming.


Tools and equipment such as brushes, rollers, spray guns, and spray lines can all be cleaned with water. If the epoxy has cured, mineral spirits can be used as a cleaning solution.


*Always read the safety data sheet before working with chemicals

Use chemicals only as directed and for their intended purpose. Do not dispose of chemicals down the drain. Most chemicals must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

PPE to avoid all unnecessary exposure:

  • Eye protection – wear approved safety glasses and any additional eye protection as necessary
  • Hand protection – wear chemically resistant protective gloves (nitrile, butyl, or neoprene)
  • Skin and body protection – wear suitable protective clothing
  • Respiratory protection – in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Respirator selection must be based on known or anticipated exposure levels, the hazards of the product, and the safe working limits of the selected respirator

Product Limitations

VFI-3218 is NOT a UV color stable product and has no long-term UV testing. After fully curing, a top coat must be applied to the primed surface within 48 hours.

  • Incompatible materials – oxidizers
  • Conditions to avoid – heat and incompatible materials. Also, sources of ignition for B side
  • Chemical stability – stable under normal storage conditions
  • Reactivity & hazardous reactions – no dangerous reaction known under normal use
  • Hazardous decomposition products – may include, and are not limited to, oxides of carbon

Potential Health Hazards

  • May cause respiratory tract irritation.
  • May cause stomach distress, nausea, or vomiting if swallowed.
  • May cause skin irritation or sensitization: redness, edema, drying, defatting, cracking of the skin, or allergic reaction.
  • May cause eye irritation or serious eye damage: discomfort, pain, redness, swelling, excess blinking and tear production, or swelling of the conjunctiva. May also cause burns.  

*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical advice or attention. Call a poison control center or doctor if swallowed.

Application Methods:

  • Spray Spray
  • Brush Brush
  • Roll Roll

Available Packaging:

  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon