VFI®-3119 70 A Polyurea Hybrid Spray Coating

VFI®-3119 70 A Polyurea Hybrid Spray Coating

VFI-3119 70 A Polyurea Hybrid Spray Coating is a medium hard, 100% solids, spray-applied coating with high properties. It is chemically made of polyurea and polyurethane to provide surfaces with a soft yet durable protective film. The coating has a good spray reaction, so it can be applied vertically without sagging or dripping on internal or external corners. Its low modulus makes it extremely flexible and able to resist impacts while over a soft or flexible substrate. It has increased strength and unparalleled durability, allowing it to flex with the substrate without tearing.

VFI-3119 70 A Polyurea Hybrid Spray Coating from VFI is a medium hard spray coating that provides a flexible yet durable film over soft and flexible surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • 70 A hardness – flexible and soft to withstand pressure from high impacts
  • Flat & non-textured – great for projects where a soft and flat surface is needed
  • Fast setting – can be put into service same day with a light application
  • Water resistant – Protects substrate from excessive water absorption
  • 100% solids – contains no VOCs, making it environmentally friendly
  • Excellent adhesion – can bond well with foam or other flexible surfaces

Instructions for Use:

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean and dry before applying the coating. Use a brush or vacuum to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that may affect adhesion. Sanding or priming may be required, depending on the substrate.


Before opening the product containers, bring the material to a temperature of at least 65°F. Premix the Poly (B side) until uniform by first including all powder on the bottom of the container. Mixing times will vary based on the volume of the product and the mixing method. The temperature will need to remain between 40°F – 100°F for the best results.

VFI-3119 70 A Polyurea Hybrid Spray Coating should only be applied by trained individuals who are comfortable working with a high-pressure, high-temperature two-component spray rig. Typical coverage rates are between 40 and 80 mils. For improved resistance to impacts on specialty projects, increase the millage. The product has a 20-minute recoat window for subsequent coating. Though it can be put into service in 6 hours, depending on the application thickness, allow three days for the material to fully cure.


When cleaning spray equipment and other tools, use xylene or MEK. Make sure to flush the cleaning solvents through spray lines immediately after use.


*Always read the safety data sheet before working with chemicals

Use chemicals only as directed and for their intended purpose. Do not dispose of chemicals down the drain. Most chemicals must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

PPE to avoid all unnecessary exposure:

  • Eye protection – wear safety glasses and any additional eye protection as necessary
  • Hand protection – wear chemically resistant protective gloves (nitrile, butyl, or neoprene)
  • Skin and body protection – wear suitable protective clothing
  • Respiratory protection – in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Respirator selection must be based on known or anticipated exposure levels, the hazards of the product, and the safe working limits of the selected respirator

Product Limitations

VFI-3119 is not a UV color-stable product. The A side of this product contains isocyanate, which means contact can result in skin irritation and inhalation can be toxic.

  • Incompatible materials – A side: strong bases, acids, alcohols, amines, and water. B side: strong oxidizers and acids
  • Conditions to avoid – heat and incompatible materials
  • Chemical stability – stable under normal storage conditions
  • Reactivity & hazardous reactions – no dangerous reaction known under normal use
  • Hazardous decomposition products – may include, and are not limited to, oxides of carbon and oxides of nitrogen. Also, isocyanates for the A side

Potential Health Hazards

  • May cause stomach distress, nausea, or vomiting if swallowed. B side is also toxic and may cause burns.
  • Causes skin irritation and sensitization: redness, edema, drying, defatting, and cracking. B side is toxic when in contact with the skin. It will also cause severe skin burns and blisters. Repeated exposure to B side components can result in absorption through the skin, causing significant health hazards.
  • May cause respiratory tract irritation. A side may also cause allergy or asthma symptoms and breathing difficulties. B side may also cause burns.
  • Causes serious eye irritation or damage: discomfort, pain, excess blinking and tear production, marked redness, and swelling of the conjunctiva. B side may also cause burns.

*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical advice or attention. Call a poison control center or doctor if swallowed.

Application Methods:

  • Spray Spray

Available Packaging:

  • Drum