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25+ Years of Manufacturing High Performance Polymers

Volatile Free, Inc. is a family owned and operated chemical manufacturer doing business in the Midwest since 1995. Better known as VFI throughout the industry, we custom formulate high performance polymers for some of the most innovative companies in America. While always striving to offer adaptability, durability, and sustainability to our vast portfolio of products, we are recognized for and committed to offering unparalleled customer service.

Why Use VolaTile

Why should you use Volatile Free?

As a smaller manufacturer we value our professional relationships. We recognize that each and every customer contributes to our success. So, when it comes to a new idea, we embrace the opportunity to form a relationship and offer a quality product to help our partners grow. We believe it is the correct way to do business. There can be times when a customer may have a problem with one of our products. This gives us the opportunity to see if an improvement can be made to the product they are using or if they are using the product incorrectly. Whether the product needs improvement or we can help our partner refine their process, it’s a working relationship with a combined goal. Success.

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Volatile Team

The Volatile Free Team

Our team includes a talented group of individuals that work together to offer unparalleled customer service. We have a laboratory staffed with formulation chemists to create and test a variety of polymer formulations to meet the requirements of your product. A quality control administrator to ensure formulation accuracy. Our batching specialists work hard to ensure your formulation has perfect consistency and our shipping and receiving department keeps the product flowing on time, every time. A dedicated team of customer service representatives are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

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What Guides Us

What Guides Us?

Our business relentlessly strives to be: Accountable – The responsibility we take for maintaining property consistencies and the adjustments we make to ensure delivery of the highest quality material Durable – The ability for our products to withstand the physical demands of day-to-day commercial processes with minimal property breakdown Sustainable – The commitment to maintain a level of customer service and product quality to continue to successfully partner with our diverse customer base for years to come

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At VFI we offer solutions to all your project needs. With a talented onsite lab staff, we can customize our products to suit your application requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our custom solutions!

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