VFI®-5105 5 PCF Rigid Polyurethane Foam

VFI®-5105 5 PCF Rigid Polyurethane Foam is a 5lb per cubic foot, rigid pour foam that has good compression strength with a slow initial rise and fast cure speed. VFI-5105 is a two part, one to one by volume that works in any machine injected system while also having a slow enough gel time to allow hand pouring. A fast, final cure speed creates a faster demold time which makes more parts quicker for a quicker return to service. VFI-5105 Rigid Polyurethane Foam helps decrease the cost of plastic parts while still being able to have the necessary final structure of a top coat.

5 PCF Two-part rigid polyurethane foam to be used for parts or general backfill material.

Application Methods:

  • Inject
  • Pour

Available Packaging:

  • Tote
  • Drum
  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon

Physical Properties

  • Solid Material Density: 5 PCF
  • Dimensional Stability: <1%
  • Compressive Strength: >100 psi
  • Closed Cell Content: >90%

Liquid Properties

  • Solids by Weight: 100.00%
  • Solids by Volume: 100.00%
  • Specific Gravity A Side: 1.22 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity B Side: 1.06 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.14 g/ml
  • Ratio by Volume (A:B): 1A:1B
  • Ratio by Weight (A:B): 100A:86.20B
  • Viscosity A Side: 175 cps
  • Viscosity B Side: 1500 cps
  • Gel Time: 200 seconds
  • Cream Time: 52 seconds
  • Rise Time: 200 seconds

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