VFI®-2130 30 A TDI Molding Rubber

VFI®-2130 30 A TDI Molding Rubber is a 30 A hardness, urethane molding rubber that provides high durability and easy demolding. This TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) prepolymer based rubber will decrease moisture sensitivity and give extended working time when working with the material. VFI®-2130’s low viscosity allows for the dissipation of air bubbles without the use of a vacuum chamber. Increased rebound properties allow for easier demolding with less stress on the casted part.

30 A TDI mold making rubber that allows for increased durability, strength, good viscosity, and pot life.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Physical Properties Ideal for Urethane Rubber Mold Making
  • Improved Strength for Better Abrasion Resistance and Longer Lasting Molds
  • Captures Excellent Detail and Texture for Higher Quality, Repeated Results
  • Outperforms when Casting Pigmented and Colored Concrete
  • Increased Rebound Properties Allow for Easier Demolding
  • Decreased Moisture Sensitivity for Extended Working Time
  • Low Viscosity Eliminates the Need for Use of a Vacuum Chamber
  • Stays Cleaner, Longer, Resulting in Less Maintenance and Faster Turns
  • Scalable for Consistent Results in Large or Small Scale Applications
  • Faster, More Reliable Production Turnaround from a Trusted Manufacturer

Application Methods:

  • Pour

Available Packaging:

  • Tote
  • Drum
  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon

Physical Properties

  • Hardness Shore A: 30
  • Hardness Shore D: n/a
  • Tensile Strength: 450 psi
  • Elongation: 1500%
  • Tear Strength: 70 pli
  • Specific Volume: 26.89 (in3/lb)
  • Dimensional Stability: <0.01%

Liquid Properties

  • Solids by Weight: 100%
  • Solids by Volume: 100%
  • Liquid Density A Side: 8.60 lbs/gal
  • Liquid Density B Side: 8.57 lbs/gal
  • Mixed Liquid Density: 8.59 lbs/gal
  • Specific Gravity A Side: 1.03 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity B Side: 1.03 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.03 g/ml
  • Ratio by Volume (A:B): 1A:1B
  • Ratio by Weight (A:B): 100.39 A : 100 B
  • Viscosity A Side: 1300 cps
  • Viscosity B Side: 1300 cps
  • Mixed Viscosity: 1300 cps
  • Pot Life: 20 min
  • De-mold Time: 16 hours

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