SEALGUARD VFI®-994 Clear Silicone Sealer

SEALGUARD VFI®-994 Clear Silicone Sealer

SEALGUARD VFI-994 Clear Silicone Sealer is a single-component, fluid-applied sealer used to seal and restore fiberglass skylight panels on commercial roofs. Once applied around the panel where clear matters, it forms a seamless film to keep the entire roof safe and watertight. VFI-994 combines seamlessly with other recently applied silicone roof restoration products for long-term leak protection.

SEALGUARD VFI-994 Clear Silicone Sealer from VFI is a fluid applied roof coating that seals fiberglass skylight panels for watertight protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Weather-resistant finish – protects skylight from harsh weather conditions, limiting maintenance and repair needs
  • Improved UV stability – prevents fading and degradation when in contact with UV rays, extending the skylight’s life
  • Excellent flexibility and build-up – formulated thickness allows it to hang on vertical surfaces and flow out on horizontal surfaces
  • Exceptional durability – resists ponding water to prevent costly leak repairs

Instructions for Use:  

Surface Preparation  

Skylight panels must be clean and free of oils, dirt, or films that could affect adhesion. Power wash the panels and the area around the panels. Make any necessary repairs to structural components, such as sealing joints, fasteners, and penetrations, with SEALGUARD VFI-993 Silicone Flashing Grade. Replace any skylights that have cracks or holes. Before applying VFI-994, ensure that the skylight panel is dry. 


SEALGUARD VFI-994 Clear Silicone Sealer is not recommended when a primer is necessary. It should only be applied if the temperature is between 40°F – 120°F. Stop application if the temperature is below 40°F and dropping. Avoid inclement weather, as rain and other moisture contamination can negatively impact adhesion before the sealer can fully cure. 

Apply VFI-994 around the skylight panel on areas with leak potential using a medium nap roller or brush. A multi-coat method is recommended, and the sealer should be applied at a minimum rate of 0.75 gallons per 100 square feet. Calculate loss factor due to surface profile/stretch factor and wind loss. Check specifications for required wet and dry film thickness and use a wet mil gauge to check thickness during application. Allow the sealer to cure for a minimum of 24 hours. After it has cured, apply a second coat at the identical application rate. Subsequent recoats should not exceed 48 hours.  


VFI-994 is a silicone-based product and will cure when in contact with water or moisture. Clean application tools and equipment with chemically dry mineral spirits to prevent curing. 


*Always read the safety data sheet before working with chemicals  

Use chemicals only as directed and for their intended purpose. Do not dispose of chemicals down the drain. Most chemicals must be disposed of as hazardous waste.  

PPE to avoid all unnecessary exposure:  

  • Eye protection – wear approved safety glasses and any additional eye protection as necessary.
  • Hand protection – wear chemically resistant protective gloves (nitrile, butyl, or neoprene).
  • Skin and body protection – wear suitable protective clothing.
  • Respiratory protection – in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Respirator selection must be based on known or anticipated exposure levels, the hazards of the product, and the safe working limits of the selected respirator.

Product Limitations  

  • Incompatible materials – oxidizers.
  • Conditions to avoid – heat and incompatible materials.
  • Chemical stability – stable under normal storage conditions.
  • Reactivity & hazardous reactions – no dangerous reaction known under normal use.
  • Hazardous decomposition products – may include, and are not limited to, oxides of carbon.  

Potential Health Hazards 

  • May cause respiratory tract irritation. 
  • May cause stomach distress, nausea, or vomiting if swallowed. 
  • May cause skin irritation or sensitization: redness, drying, defatting, or cracking of the skin.  
  • May cause eye irritation: discomfort, pain, redness, swelling, excess blinking & tear production.  

*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical advice or attention. Call a poison control center or doctor if swallowed.  

Application Methods:

  • Brush Brush
  • Roll Roll

Available Packaging:

  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon