Volatile Free, Inc. offers custom chemical formulations for businesses looking for a nonstandard polymer-based product. Our conversation often begins after a customer expresses interest in a product they see on our website. It is important that we ask the right questions to ensure that the product they are inquiring about will work the way they are intending. Sometimes, as we are having the discussion with the customer, we determine they might be looking at the wrong acrylic, plastic, rubber, or silicone product. In many cases we can direct them to another product that will offer improved results. In other cases, we need to formulate a new product to assist the needs of the customer. This is a custom formulation.

We have found that most of our competitors tend to shy away from custom formulations unless it is for a high volume, repeat order. That’s not the case at VFI. We are always happy to accommodate the challenge of a new opportunity. We believe in offering the same level of service to our smaller customers as we would our larger customers. Our goal is to help support the small businesses so they have the opportunity to grow larger.

The process of having a specialized chemical formulation begins with talking to one of our customer service representatives. They will collect the necessary information to determine which product manager will best be able to assist. You will then have a discussion with the product manager so they can collect the details regarding product use and desired results. This may give us the information we need to move forward with the lab work. If not, you will speak with one of our formulation chemists.

All of our chemists have extensive lab experience, coupled with field knowledge, to understand what makes each formulation successful and what could lead to a potential problem. This helps to streamline the process of developing your custom formulation so you can begin production faster. We are experienced in custom formulated polymers for the following industries:







If you have an idea on a new product or are looking for an improvement to an existing product, call the qualified experts at Volatile Free, Inc. today!