VFI®-3054 80 D Polyurethane Casting Plastic

VFI®-3054 80 D Polyurethane Casting Plastic is a 1:1, 100% solids, MDI based urethane plastic. Great adhesion properties and tensile strength allow VFI-3054 to be a durable urethane adhesive over many different substrates. A slower gel time allows for increased workability in mass and is more tolerant of a slower processing speed. With 100% solids and little to no shrinkage, VFI-3054 gives consistent adhesion without the use of excess product.

80 D slow setting two-part polyurethane casting plastic that can be used as a durable plastic part or as a potting adhesive.

Application Methods:

  • Inject
  • Pour

Available Packaging:

  • Tote
  • Drum
  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon

Physical Properties

  • Hardness Shore D: 83

Liquid Properties

  • Solids by Weight: 100.00%
  • Solids by Volume: 100.00%
  • Liquid Density A Side: 10. lbs/gal
  • Liquid Density B Side: 13.7 lbs/gal
  • Mixed Liquid Density: 12.58 lbs/gal
  • Specific Gravity A Side: 1.24 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity B Side: 1.65 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.51 g/ml
  • Ratio by Volume (A:B): 1A:2B
  • Ratio by Weight (A:B): 100A:268.09B
  • Viscosity A Side: 85 cps
  • Viscosity B Side: 7500 cps