SEALGUARD VFI®-991 Silicone

SEALGUARD VFI®-991 Silicone

SEALGUARD VFI-991 Silicone is a solvent-based, moisture-cure, fluid applied roof coating. It comes in a single-component metal container and lays flat and smooth on the roof when rolled. VFI-991 boasts better recoat capabilities, allowing it to bond seamlessly to many substrates. When recoating, fewer materials and labor are used to maintain your flat or low-slope commercial roofing system.

SEALGUARD VFI-991 Silicone from VFI is a fluid applied roof coating for commercial roof restoration and maintenance recoating.

Features & Benefits

  • Better recoat capabilities – saves you time and money and can extend your roof’s life
  • UV resistant capabilities – superior brightness and maximum UV reflectivity, with light power washing needed only once a year
  • Better rolling capabilities – smoother and flatter surface for subsequent coating and recoating
  • Solvent-based, 100% silicone – bacteria, mold, & mildew resistance and improved protection from weathering
  • Improved adhesion capabilities – capable of bonding to existing coating and multiple substrates with use of a primer
  • Resists ponding water exposure – with a good drainage system, the coating will not fail

Instructions for Use:

Surface Preparation

For improved adhesion on the roof surface, use a broom to remove all contaminants, including dirt, debris, leaves, or films. Use a roof cleaning detergent to scrub areas containing grease, oil, animal fats, etc. Power wash the roof as needed, rinse off all cleaning agents, and allow it to dry before applying VFI-991.

Make any necessary repairs to the roof components before applying a roof restoration system. Gaps and seams should be tight and flush. Loose or backed-out fasteners should be tight or replaced with oversized fasteners. More extensive surface preparation will depend on the type of substrate and its condition.


Before applying SEALGUARD VFI-991 Silicone, VFI always recommends the application of a primer (VFI-#11 Epoxy Primer). Apply VFI-993 Silicone Flashing Grade over seams, penetrations, and protrusions. For additional reinforcement, apply a three coarse coating with fabric reinforcement.

VFI-991 can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled. Apply the roof coating over the entire roof surface at a minimum of 2 gallons per square. Check specifications for required wet and dry film thickness. VFI-991 should only be applied when the temperature is above 40°F and when rain and moisture are not present during the application and curing process.


VFI-991 cures with moisture, so do not use water to clean tools and equipment. We recommend using chemically dry mineral spirits to clean brushes, rollers, and spray equipment. If you are spraying, don’t leave VFI-991 inside the spray equipment. Flush mineral spirits through the hoses and lines until the uncured coating is removed.

Foot traffic is not recommended on any roof surface coated with VFI-991. If foot traffic is necessary, wait 24-72 hours for the coating to fully cure before allowing people to walk on designated traffic areas only.


*Always read the safety data sheet before working with chemicals

Use chemicals only as directed and for their intended purpose. Do not dispose of chemicals down the drain. Most chemicals must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

PPE to avoid all unnecessary exposure

  • Eye protection – wear safety glasses and any additional eye protection as necessary
  • Hand protection – wear chemically resistant protective gloves (nitrile, butyl, neoprene)
  • Skin and body protection – wear suitable protective clothing
  • Respiratory protection – in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Respirator selection must be based on known or anticipated exposure levels, the hazards of the product, and the safe working limits of the selected respirator

Product Limitations

VFI-991 should only be applied when the temperature is 40°F and rising and when rain or moisture are not present during the application and curing process. Any subsequent coats must be applied within 48 hours. The first coat must be fully cured before the second coat is applied.

  • Incompatible materials – oxidizers
  • Conditions to avoid – heat and incompatible materials
  • Chemical stability – stable under normal storage conditions
  • Reactivity and hazardous reactions – no dangerous reaction known under normal use
  • Hazardous decomposition products – may include, and are not limited to, oxides of carbon

Potential Health Hazards

  • May cause respiratory tract irritation.
  • May cause stomach distress, nausea, or vomiting if swallowed.
  • May cause skin irritation and sensitization: redness, drying, defatting, and cracking of the skin.
  • May cause eye irritation: discomfort, pain, redness, swelling, excess blinking & tear production.

*If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical advice or attention. Call a poison control center or doctor if swallowed.

Application Methods:

  • Spray Spray
  • Brush Brush
  • Roll Roll

Available Packaging:

  • Drum
  • 5 Gallon