VFI®-5000 90 A Expansion Joint Filler

VFI®-5000 90 A Expansion Joint Filler is a two-part, 90 A hardness joint filler ideal for providing a seal within a joint. The strong elastomeric properties of VFI-5000 are critical when expansion and contraction occurs to make sure the joint stays sealed. VFI-5000 Expansion Joint Filler has a fast cure time for decreased down time allowing the material to be trimmed quickly after application. Whether machine dispensed or using the QWIK SPRAY SYSTEM, VFI-5000 gives the versatility to be either a patching joint filler or the primary joint filler.

Two-part 90 A Polyurea Joint filler ideal for expansion joints and provides elastomeric properties to keep the joint sealed.

Application Methods:

  • Inject

Available Packaging:

  • Tote
  • Drum
  • 5 Gallon
  • Cartridge

Product Details

  • Product Color: Standard color available is medium gray. For additional premium colors or color matching services contact Volatile Free, Inc.
  • UV Stability: This product is NOT UV color stable. For additional information contact Volatile Free, Inc.
  • Coverage/Thickness Requirement: Contact Volatile Free, Inc. for thickness requirements and specifications.
  • Storage Stability/Shelf Life: 6-month shelf life from date of manufacture when stored and sealed in unopened containers between 40°F - 75°F. Opened containers may be resealed with a nitrogen purge, but shelf life will be significantly shortened. Material should be brought to a minimum temperature of 65°F before use.
  • Equipment: 5000 90 A polyurea hybrid joint filler repair requires a plural component Qwik Spray Applicator Gun for dual 300 ml or 750 ml cylinders when purchased as the QWIK SPRAY SYTEM™. An air compressor that can provide at a minimum 100 PSI and 10 CFM of constant pressure is also required to run the Qwik Spray Applicator Gun. A low-pressure plural component machine can be used for all other options. For additional instructions and equipment requirements, contact Volatile Free, Inc.
  • Surface Preparation: Surface preparation depends on application and substrate being coated. All surfaces should be cleaned, prepped and free of any oils, dirt or films that could affect the product's adhesion. Contact Volatile Free Inc. with any additional questions.
  • Mixing: Pre-mixing Poly (B) components until uniform is required before injecting or spraying. Mix times may vary depending on volume and mixing method. Mixing in the QWIK SPRAY SYTEM™ should not be required unless material is visibly separated and if so, contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on specific mixing questions and requirements.
  • Material Application: Temperature should be between 50°F and 100°F when the product is being used. The pot life will shorten with any increases in temperature beyond 72°F. Material temperature should be above 65°F before use. Contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on recommended release agents or sealants.
  • Primers: Contact Volatile Free, Inc. on any primer questions.
  • Cleanup: Preferred clean-up solvent is xylene or MEK. Please contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on clean-up of equipment and tools.
  • Thinning: Do not thin prior to application.
  • Precautions: Contains isocyanate that may be irritating to the skin and is toxic if inhaled as particulate matter. See Safety Data Sheet for complete safety data. Do not add any foreign material to this product. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and prolonged or repeated skin contact. Use only with adequate ventilation.

VFI®-5000 90 A Expansion Joint Filler Physical Properties

  • Hardness Shore A (ASTM B-2240): 87
  • Hardness Shore D (ASTM B-2240): 32
  • Tensile Strenth (ASTM D-412): 1346 psi
  • Elongation (ASTM D-412): 82.00%
  • Tear Strength (ASTM D-624): 78 pli

VFI®-5000 90 A Expansion Joint Filler Liquid Properties

  • Solids by Weight (ASTM D 1644): 100.00%
  • Solids by Volume (ASTM D2697): 100.00%
  • Liquid Density A Side (ASTM D 2939): 8.96 lbs/gal
  • Liquid Density B Side (ASTM D 2939): 9.23 lbs/gal
  • Mixed Liquid Density (ASTM D 2939): 9.08 lbs/gal
  • Specific Gravity A side: 1.076 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity B side: 1.108 g/ml
  • Specific Gravity Mixed: 1.09 g/ml
  • Mixed Solids By Volume (ASTM D2697): 100.00%
  • Viscosity A side (ASTM D2196): 700 cps
  • Viscosity B Side (ASTM D2196): 400 cps
  • Pot Life: 1 minute
  • Place into service: 90 minutes


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