VFI®-7500 Qwik Spray Gun

VFI®-7500 Qwik Spray Gun

VFI-7500 Qwik Spray Gun is a pneumatically driven, dual piston air gun capable of spraying 750ml dual cartridge systems. This easy-to-use, portable gun will save you time and money on expensive applications and repairs. VFI-7500 maximizes spray efficiency, so there is no need for a larger component machine. Use the proper personal protective equipment when spraying to minimize workplace hazards.

How to Use the Qwik Spray System (W/ Pictures)

*This spray gun requires the use of a minimum 100 PSI pneumatic air compressor. 

Features & Benefits

  • No training is needed to use the gun, making it perfect for new applicators
  • Convenient, hassle-free setup allows for cost-effective portable application
  • No cleaning solvents are required; simply throw away the cartridges once empty
  • Compatible with VFI-520, VFI-544, VFI-2538 QS, and VFI-6171

Instructions for Use:  


The Qwik Spray System does not need special training to operate. To operate the Qwik Spray Gun, you will need an air compressor that can provide dry air and a minimum of 10 CFM at 100 PSI of constant pressure. The area you spray in must be well-ventilated, and utilizing the proper PPE is required, including a respirator.  

You may have to shake the 750 mL cartridges before loading them into the applicator frame if the material is visibly separated. When loading the cartridges into the gun, keep them vertical with the label facing up. Once you start spraying, you cannot stop until the cartridges are empty. Stopping before the cartridge is fully dispensed will result in the material setting up in the mixing nozzle. Carefully plan your spray pattern ahead of time for even distribution of the product.  

Begin spraying onto a disposable surface to ensure the material is adequately mixed. Once the cartridge is almost empty, spray onto the disposable surface to keep off-ratio material from getting onto the surface. You can add additional texture with the Qwik Spray Gun by spraying over but not directly onto the surface until your desired finish is achieved.  


A feature that makes the Qwik Spray Gun so desirable is the ease of cleanup. Simply disconnect the disposable cartridges from the air-atomizing gun tip, remove them from the applicator frame, and throw them away. If there is residue on the gun, use xylene or MEK to wipe it off before the material cures. Never soak the gun in any cleaning solvent.