VFI®-1009 Cleaning Detergent

VFI®-1009 Cleaning Detergent is a 100% biodegradable water based cleaning concentrate with little to no environmental impact. Works well in locations that limit the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals due to environmental regulations. VFI- 1009 works well on masonry, concrete, deck and wall surfaces.

Eco-friendly detergent concentrate that thoroughly cleans existing roof membranes.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Biodegradable, Water-Based Concentrate
  • Complies with Hazardous Environmental Regulations
  • Safer Handling with Zero VOC Content
  • Exceptional Durability from a Trusted Manufacturer
  • Formulated for Use on Normal Roofing Substrates

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Application Methods:

  • Spray
  • Brush
  • Roll

Available Packaging:

  • 5 Gallon

Product Details

  • Product Color: Standard color is blue.
  • UV Stability: N/A
  • Coverage/Thickness Requirement: See VFI specifications for specific coverage information or contact Volatile Free, Inc. for additional coverage/thickness requirements.
  • Storage Stability/Shelf Life: 18-month shelf life from date of manufacture when stored and sealed in unopened containers between 40°F - 75°F. Water based products must be protected from freezing. Material should be brought to a minimum temperature of 65°F before use.
  • Equipment: 1009 detergent cleaner may be applied by single component sprayer, roller, or brush. Contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on any specific equipment questions and requirements.
  • Surface Preparation: All surfaces should be cleaned of debris. Contact Volatile Free Inc. with any additional questions.
  • Mixing: Mixing until uniform is required on all material before use. Mix times may vary depending on volume and mixing method, please contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on any specific mixing questions and requirements.
  • Material Application: 1009 detergent cleaner should be diluted with water with a ratio of 1-part 1009 detergent cleaner to 10-parts water. Apply diluted product to the surface at a rate of 150-400 square feet per gallon. Allow solution to stand on substrate for at least 15 minutes and then scrub with a stiff bristled broom or brush. High pressure wash the remaining material and all cleaning solution.
  • Primers: N/A
  • Cleanup: Preferred clean-up solvent method water. Please contact Volatile Free, Inc. for more information on clean-up of equipment and tools.
  • Thinning: Material is thinned at a 10-parts water to 1-part 1009 detergent cleaner.
  • Precautions: See Safety Data Sheet for complete safety data. Do not add any foreign material to this product. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and prolonged or repeated skin contact. Use only with adequate ventilation.

VFI®-1009 Cleaning Detergent Liquid Properties

  • Ratio by Volume (A:B): 1 Cleaner: 10 Water
  • VOC: 0

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