A silicone and foam roofing system is an extremely energy efficient and green system as it provides cost savings to the owner in the form of decreasing energy costs and does not require a roof tear off. Our polyurethane roofing foam is a spray applied 3 PCF foam that provides a smooth monolithic layer that is easy to topcoat. A PCF foam provides the necessary strength to walk on, while still maintaining a high R value for insulation. Our recommended topcoat is one of our silicone products either our standard solids silicone when you want to roll on the coating for an extremely smooth even finish or our high solids silicone when you have VOC limitations and you are spraying the product. Both silicones provide exceptional UV properties, resistance to ponding water and a room temperature cure (RTV). The silicone polyurethane foam roof system provides the necessary attributes to make an energy efficient leak proof membrane that can save money immediately and long term.