A hybrid silicone and polyurethane roofing system with insulating foam is a premier strength and energy saving system for a roof. The spray polyurethane foam is extremely energy efficient which delivers cost savings in the form of decreased energy costs. There is also a “green” benefit associated with silicone/foam systems as they replace the need to “tear off” an existing roof that is not only costly but poses environmental risks with landfill disposal. Volatile Free, Inc. manufactures VFI®-727 HFC Spray Polyurethane Foam that provides a smooth monolithic layer that is easy to topcoat. The 3 PCF spray polyurethane roofing foam provides the necessary strength to walk on, while still maintaining a high R value for insulation. VFI®-3600F Fast Polyurethane Base Coat provides strength and puncture resistance from hail to form a high tensile, highly flexible urethane basecoat. The recommended topcoat is VFI®-990 High Solids Silicone to provide exceptional UV properties, resistance to ponding water, and a room temperature cure (RTV) for use with strict VOC limitations. The Hybrid Polyurethane Foam Roof System provides the necessary attributes to make an energy efficient, leak proof membrane that offers immediate, long-term savings.