Volatile Free, Inc. Releases Form Coat Epoxy for the Protection of Precast Forms

Form coat epoxy material in buckets

Brookfield, Wisconsin – (May 16, 2024) – Volatile Free, Inc. announced the addition of a new form coating epoxy to its molding and casting line today. The Midwest-based company said this product adds long-lasting protection to the expensive steel and wood surfaces used to make precast concrete products. Because the coating acts as a barrier on these forms, it takes on the abrasive damage caused by concrete in the molding process. As an epoxy, the product is highly rigid and moisture-insensitive, making it strong and capable of being applied over damp surfaces. Once it is worn, it can be sanded and reapplied for consistent protection over molding surfaces.

Michael Sullivan, the Technical Director at Volatile Free, Inc., said, “Our intent was to create a product that would support our existing polyurethane formliner material and EPS form coats, but as we began to talk to different customers, we realized the need for something different than the available options. The performance characteristics of the epoxy being reported during field testing is telling us we’re on the right path.”

Volatile Free, Inc. also manufactures polyurethane rubbers and plastics used by concrete producers across North America. Learn more about their product lines at https://volatilefree.com.

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