BADGERLINERS VFI-542, is a coating system and truck bedliner that is extremely durable, versatile and outperforms paint-like coatings, plastic drop-in liners and rubber mats.

VFI-542 lines the interior of the truck beds to improve slip and make loading and unloading of cargo easier. This product is fast setting for a quick turnaround in production. 

BADGERLINERS VFI-542 Bedliner System

VFI-542 Advantages

  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Water-tight abrasion and skid resistance
  • Easily textured to reduce slipping, cargo movement and shifting
  • Withstands extreme temperatures( -40°F to +180°F) eliminating cracks, warping and peeling
  • Provides superior wear, while remaining flexible
  • Eliminated bedliner vibration noise
  • Provides resistance to inorganic bases, acids and hydrocarbon solvents


VFI-542 aromatic polyurea hybrid truck bedliner system is a 100% solids, two component fluid applied coating for the protection of the truck beds. The product is fast setting for quick turnaround in production. VFI-542 is primarily used for lining the interior of truck beds in order to provide corrosion protection, resistance to abrasion, skid resistance and to improve appearance.

Use a plural component 1:1 ratio, hot airless spray equipment capable of maintaining a constant temperature of 130°F - 150°F and a minimum spray pressure of 1500 psi. Impingement mixing, air purge spray guns are suggested for ease of application. 

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