The Qwik Spray System will increase your productivity while significantly reducing the labor costs associated with set-up and clean-up.

The portability of the Qwik Spray System will increase business by allowing you to conveniently make on-site repairs, augment existing sculptures or even construct the sculpture on site, providing an easy solution for shipping cumbersome works of art. The system will also provide excellent control of the application thickness, eliminating the need of removing drips and restoring detail prior to painting.

Our Qwik Spray Plastic Encapsulant can also be used on other applications. The following are examples:

  • Impact resistant coating for the protection of easily deformable substrates such as EPS and insulative foams
  • Structural plastic for use in part fabrication where only a moderate level of impact resistance is required
  • Plastic coating which may be textured to splash protect drywall, wood or other architectural substrates from many common liquids
  • Aromatic base coat used to provide a continuous surface for stapled wood constructs
  • Structural coating for foam sculptures
  • Waterproof encapsulating material

Our Technical Support Team will be pleased to evaluate and provide detailed advice for your specific applications.

The system runs off of a standard compressor capable of 10 to 12 CFM. For optimum performance the supply pressure must be greater than 100 psi (608 bar) and less than 145 psi (10 bar). Depending upon your local authorities you maybe required to use a spray booth.

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VFI-2538 Qwik Spray Hard Coat

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