Volatile Free, Inc. offers solution based accesories to complement your SEALGUARD VFI-990 or VFI-991 SILICONE Roof. These include the VFI-Walk Pad, VFI-Butyl Tape and VFI-Polyester Fabric.

VFI-Accesories - Single-ply

VFI-Accessory Benefits

  • VFI-Walkpad - a high solid, low VOC, silicone coating. The standard Safety Yellow allows for the ultimate visible path.
  • VFI-Butyl Tape and VFI-Polyester Fabric is available to seal all seams, cracks, terminations and penetrations on your roof. 


There are two options to apply the VFI-Walkpad:

Option 1: Low Impact-Apply SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE Walk Pad a t a rate of 30-35 wet mills (1.9-2.2 gal/sq.ft.) broadcast Walk Pad granules supplied by Volatile Free, Inc. at 40lbs per 100 sq. ft. High Impact-Apply SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE Walk Pad at a rate of 40-45 wet mills. (2.5-2.81 gal/sq.ft.)Broadcast Walk Pad granules supplied by Volatile Free, Inc. at 60lbs per 100 sq. ft. 

Option 2: Add reinforcing fibers supplied by Volatile Free, Inc. to SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE Walk Pad until desired consistency is achieved. Apply product at a rate of 64 wet mills. (4 gal/sq. ft.) Broadcast VFI supplied Walk Pad granules at 60lbs per 100 sq. ft. 

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