Volatile Free, Inc. manufactures a Silicone Acrylic Hybrid System that combines the best performance characteristics of acrylic and silicone liquid applied roof coating products. VFI®-640-1 Gray Acrylic Coating is used to anchor non-woven polyester fabric to any clean, dry substrate. Once the fabric is set, a second layer of VFI-640-1 is applied on top of the fabric, successfully waterproofing the layer and providing structural reinforcement to the coating system. SEALGUARD VFI®-991 Standard Solids Silicone exhibits a superior bond to existing coatings and spray foam systems without a need for primer and is widely used in recoat applications. Standard solids silicone can work both as a topcoat and a basecoat to provide consistent properties throughout and to insure proper adhesion between layers. SEALGUARD VFI-991 is primarily offered in white for enhanced reflectivity but is also available in other colors depending on the need of the customer. The Acrylic/Silicone Hybrid System is unique to the liquid applied roofing industry and is exclusive to Volatile Free, Inc. and VFI approved distributors.