Volatile Free, Inc. manufactures a high quality, easy to apply, Low VOC Acrylic System. Water-based acrylic chemistry provides a cost-effective product with easy single component packaging that can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. VFI®-640-1 Gray and VFI®-605-1 White elastomeric acrylic produces a seamless, permanently flexible, UV stable membrane to prevent leaks and protect a wide variety of existing roof substrates from UV degradation and continued weathering and temperature swings. Using a two-color system, VFI-640-1 Gray/605-1 White to apply the acrylic helps to ensure even coverage. VFI®-#11 Epoxy Primer is our general recommendation for most substrates, and it comes in a salmon color with a convenient 9:1 mix ratio, 5-gallon kit that allows mixing without an additional bucket. The acrylic system provides a high-quality alternative to silicone coatings on roofs with acceptable slope and drainage.