Volatile Free, Inc. provides a very functional and easy to apply standard solids silicone roof system. In the system we use silicone chemistry to provide a room temperature curing (RTV) silicone that creates a monolithic membrane on a roof to prevent leaks and UV degradation and in combination with a primer provides excellent adhesion. Silicone is a premiere roofing product, because of the ability to resist ponding water and any standing water. Our Sealguard® 991 Standard Solid Silicone can work both as a topcoat and a basecoat to provide consistent properties throughout and ensure proper adhesion throughout the layers. 991 standard solids silicone is recommended to be used in white but can come in other colors depending on your need or your customers need. We have excellent adhesion using the standard solid silicone, because of a solvent content that can bite into substrates to provide better adhesion. Standard silicone requires adhesion patch testing, when required we recommend #11 Epoxy primer for most substrates. The #11 epoxy primer comes in a salmon color and a convenient 5-gallon kit that allows you to mix without an additional bucket.