SEALGUARD VFI-991 SILICONE is a single component, standard solids roof coating that forms an elastomeric, waterproof, white membrane and protects the roof from water damage and UV deterioration. 

Cool Roof Rating Council Energy Star Partner UL Miami-Dade County Approved 2018 Title 24 Part 6 Compliant


  • Single component
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Superior waterproofing protection - Ponding water resistant
  • Seamless-No Leaks; Superior protection from leaks, rust and corrosion
  • Self -flashing; greatly reduces or eliminates parapet, stack, vent and pitch pocket leaks
  • Renewable through easy recoating - easy maintenance without compromising the integrity of the roof
  • Energy cost savings due to the product’s solar reflectivity; lowers air conditioning costs


SEALGUARD VFI-991 SILICONE is a single component, standard solids, moisture cure elastomer, designed for use as a cure in place waterproofing roof coating system, which can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the desired substrate.

If sprayed, use single component spray equipment capable of maintaining a minimum constant spray pressure of 5000 psi. 5:1 transfer pump should be used with drums. Any transfer equipment used should have Buna-L jacketed hoses to eliminate moisture contamination to the silicone. Make sure to mix the product prior to application. 

It is not recommended to apply this product below 50°F or if there is rain predicted within hours of application. Make sure to clean up and recirculate equipment with mineral spirits. 

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