VFI-200, is a high performance, 100% solids, spray applied, aromatic, pure polyurea elastoplastic polymer. It is primarily used for high abrasion and chemical resistant lining applications. 

VFI-200 Polyurea Spray Elastomer System

VFI-200 Advantages

  • Optimal physical properties
  • Outstanding chemical and solvent resistance
  • Usability under wide climatic conditions with excellent durability
  • Composed of low viscosity components
  • Can extend the life of substrates
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime costs
  • Custom formulations available 


VFI-200 is characterized by optimal physical properties, outstanding chemical and solvent resistance and usability under wide climatic conditions with outstanding durability. It is composed of Isocyanate pre-polymers, which are reacted with amine pre polymers to form a pure polyurea elasto-plastic polymer.  

VFI-200 requires a hot airless plural component equipment capable of producing a minimum spray presure of 2000 psi and heat to 160°F. Higher pressures to 2500 psi may provide better mixing with optimal physical properties for the end product. 

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