Choose your VFI-Primer solution today!

Metal Roof Primers:  VFI-# 11; FI-1007, VFI-1009, VFI-1016 and VFI-1074

MOD BIT/BUR Roof Primers:  VFI-#11 and VFI-1009

Sinle-Ply Roof Primers:  VFI-#11, VFI-1007 and VFI-1009

Concrete Roof Primers:  VFI-#11 VFI-1007, VFI-1009 an VFI-3104


VFI-Primers are guaranteed to offer:

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Easy Application
  • Long re-coat window
  • Maximum Strength
  • Superior Weatherability
  • Superior Protection
  • Ultimate Coverage 

VFI-#11 Water Based Epoxy Primer

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VFI-1007 Polyurethane Concrete Primer

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VFI-1009 Cleaning Concentrate

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VFI-1016 Adhesion Promoter Primer

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VFI-1074 Rust Inhibiting Primer

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VFI-3104 Urethane Concrete Primer

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