VFI-2538 is a two component, 100% solids, spayable plastic encapsulant, for use with our Qwik Spray System®.

VFI-2538 Qwik Spray Hard Coat

VFI-2538 Advantages

  • Low VOC's
  • Superior hardness
  • Impact resistant
  • Aromatic base coat 
  • Structural for foam sculptures
  • Waterproof encapsulating material
  • Custom colors available


Apply VFI-2538 with our Qwik Spray System®. Typical applications are completed with 10-50 mils of coating depending on the substrate and desired impact resistance.

The applied coating will set in 7 minutes at 70°F, depending on film thickness, liquid material temperature and the substrate, . It can be placed into services after 24 hours of cure time at 70°F minimum. It is encouraged to begin priming or painting the plastic at the first sign of cure, to maximize adhesion. Be sure to pretest untried paint for adhesion. Available in 600 & 1500 ml sets.

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