VFI-#11 is a general purpose, two component, water based, epoxy primer. It provides excellent adhesion and superior strength to most metal, single-ply, concrete, wood, mod bit/BUR surfaces. 

This primer can also be used to fill small pits and holes to create a level surface and promotes a more even flow of roof coatings. 

VFI-#11 Water Based Epoxy Primer
FM Approved Miami-Dade County Approved

VFI-#11 Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to metal, single-ply, concrete, wood, mod bit/BUR surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Superior weatherability
  • Provides a longer re-coat window


VFI-#11 can be applied using a brush, roller or most single-component spray equipment. The product must be over 65°F for proper mixing and application.

The two components are prepackaged in correct proportions (9 parts by volume of part A to 1 part of part B). The mixing ratio by volume is 9 parts of epoxy to 1 part of curing agent. The mixing ratio is 14 to 1 by weight. Power mixing is recommended for quantities over 1 gallon. 

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