VFI-608 Below Grade Waterproofing System is designed for waterproofing below grade masonry surfaces such as foundation, basement and retaining walls. When mixed with water and portland cement, and fully reinforced with polyester fabric, it creates a solid, yet flexible cementitious slurry ideal for subterranean waterproofing. 

VFI-608 Below Grade Waterproofing System

VFI-608 Advantages

  • Protects below grade masonry walls from water intrusion
  • Thin viscosity allows VFI-608 slurry to penetrate bare masonry surfaces becoming permanently anchored to the wall, unlike competitive self-adhesive products
  • Fully reinforced with polyester fabic, VFI-608 will resist cracking preventing water intrusion
  • Water-based formulation makes VFI-608 safe to install and safe for long term below grade exposure


Apply slurry mix to the dampened area and immediately embed the fabric into the wet slurry. Fabric should lap by a minimum of four inches. Remove any air pockets or creases with a brush. Before the first layer dries fully saturate the fabric with a second coat of slurry and allow to dry.

Once dry, apply a third and final coat of VFI-608 slurry mix. Allow 72 hours of curing time before backfilling area with soil or filling area with water. Apply when temperatures are above 50ºF (10ºC) and rising with no rain in the forecast or freezing temperatures for 24 hours.  

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