Restoring with VFI-600 Series will preserve and extend the useful life of the roof by protecting the roof's exposure to common degrading elements and weather conditions. VFI-605 (Reflective Top Coat) and VFI-640 (Gray Base Coat) are formulated to create a monolithic membrane exhibiting excellent adhesion over metal, mod bit/BUR, single-ply, concrete, board-stock and sprayed polyurethane foam. 

VFI-600 Series Acrylic Restoration Coating System
Cool Roof Rating Council FM Approved UL Title 24 Compliant

VFI-600 Series Advantages

  • Single component system
  • Extends the useful life of the roof
  • Offers high tensile strength and elongation
  • Resistant to dirt pick up 
  • Offers excellent resistance for extended exposure to solar ultraviolet energy
  • By decreasing roof surface temperature, VFI-600 Series can reduce energy costs
  • Low VOCs, non-flammable and presents minimal hazard to the applicator or the environment


The VFI-600 Series is made up of our VFI-605 (White Top Coat), VFI-640 (Gray Base Coat) and the VFI-630 Flashing Grade Silicone to seal seams, terminations and penetrations. 

Apply by spray, roller or brush. A wide range of spray equipment can be used including airless spray or conventional spray. When applying the VFI-600 Series in hot weather, coating may thicken in idle spray hoses due to the resulting high temperatures. 

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