VFI-110 is a unique, two component, moderate viscosity casting system designed for very rough plastics with smooth and glossy surfaces. 

Its uses include but are not limited to structural parts, furniture parts, interior building parts, sporting goods, ornamental molding automotive parts, decorative figurines, picture and mirror frames and other similar items. 

VFI-110 Urethane Plastic

VFI-110 Advantages

  • Two component
  • Moderate viscosity for easy processing and rapid demolding
  • 100% solid system
  • High tensile strength
  • Custom colors available upon request


The VFI-110 system can be used in conjunction with fiberglass or ceramic beads for reducing cost, reinforcement, and lowering the overall density. The system is also available in faster versions for reaction injection molding. Both Iso and Poly components are moderate viscosity, clear amber liquids. 

The mixing ratio is 1 to 1 by volume or 109 parts by weight of isocynate to 100 parts polyol. Hand mix thoroughly for 30 seconds. Power mixing is mandatory in the case of large quantities or if ceramic beads are used. Pot life is between 35-50 seconds when mixed at room temperature. Plastic parts can be demolded in about 3 times gel time. The warmer the mold (up to 130°F), the shorter the demolding time. 

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