VFI-3600 Polyurethane Basecoat is a two component, aromatic polyurethane coating that forms a tough elastomeric membrane, that provides impact resistance when applied to the existing roof substrate. 

VFI-3600 Polyurethane Basecoat MC
FM Approved

VFI-3600 Advantages

  • Sprayed basecoat for roof coating
  • Rolled basecoat for roof coating
  • Sealant for roof leaks
  • Basecoat for VFI approved decking
  • Manufactured by Volatile Free, Inc.


VFI-3600 is an aromatic polyurethane. It is intended to be top coated with SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE or a similar aliphatic, if a light/UV stable coating system is desired. 

To apply VFI recommmends hand mix, power mix and roller, or plural component, high pressure spray equipment. This product must be over 70ºF for proper mixing. The Poly B side must be premixed slowly, at low rpm before using at low rpm (to minimize air entrapment) before mixing 1:1 with ISO A side. 

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