VFI-3220 is a water-borne, single component, acrylic concrete and masonry coating.  This coating can be utilized as an anti-skid coating over concrete and masonry walkways.  It is packaged with anti-skid, quart aggregate in the formulation.  There is no need to add aggrgrte after application.

VFI-3220 Acrylic Concrete Coating

VFI-3220 Advantages

  • Easy application (spray,  brush or roller)
  • Superior protective coating for concrete and masonry
  • Excellent strength
  • Superior waterproofing
  • Manufactured by VFI
  • Custom colors available


VFI-3220 can be applied by spray, roller or brush.  A wide range of spray equipment can be used including airless spray or conventional spray.  Apply VFI-3220 at a rateof 100-200 sq/ft gallon to the substrate.  Coverage will depend on a variety of factors sych as granule profile, porosity of substrate, and general roughness of subsrate.  Allow the product to dry thoroughly prior to recoating with subsequent coats.  

When using VFI-3220 to ebed fabric, apply the VFI-3220 only to the area to be covered with one sheet of reinforcing fabric at a time.  Once the bottom of te fabric is anchored and embedded, coat the top of the fabric with VFI-3220 at a rate of 1-2 gallons per 100 square feet.

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