VFI-3104 is a high performance, two component urethane primer designed for use on concrete. It has a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume for both plural component and traditional spray methods. It can also be used in situations where high solvent primers are not an option. 

VFI-3104 Urethane Concrete Primer

VFI-3104 Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Low sensitivity to substrate moisture
  • Fast and slow versions offered to accomodate recoat times
  • Color is natural


VFI-3104 can be spray, squeegee and back rolled applied. The resulting primer cures to a bubble free, concrete porosity filler that can be recoated with either polyurea or polyurethane topcoats. It is recommended to use an electric or pneumatic mixer with vessel and flat squeegee or plural component/traditional spray equipment with recommended flat squeegee back roll. 

Mechanically abrade and chemically treat the surface before applying. Also test adhesion to any existing surface coating. Pre-mix each component separately for 2-3 minutes prior to spraying or batch mixing. After single component mix, place the correct volume of each system component into mixing vessel and mix at low speed for 3 minutes while minimizing the amount of air mixed into the batch. The material is ready to top coat when it has a slight tack to it and you are able to walk on it without tracking dirt on the surface. Surface temperature will affect the dry time. 

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