VFI-1074 is a water-based industrial rust inhibiting primer, manufactured with a light blue color to easily determine coverage. VFI-1074 is designed to inhibit further oxidation resulting in rust degradation and to prevent bleedthrough when using elastomeric coatings. 

VFI-1074 Rust Inhibiting Primer

VFI-1074 Rust Inhibiting Primer Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to various metal substrates
  • Easy application
  • Superior weatherability
  • Provides a longer recoat window


VFI-1074 is suitable as a spot rust primer or for application to widespread areas of the roof. The product is enhanced with a light blue color to ensure areas of application receive proper coverage. Water-based formula is non-flammable during application, compliant with VOC requirements and easily cleans up with water prior to curing. 

Apply VFI-1074 at 18-24 wet mils (1.125 to 1.5 gallon per 100 square feet) per coat. Also apply only when ambient temperatures are 50°F nd rising. Cold weather could result in uneven application and improper curing of product. Do not apply if there is a threat of inclement weather within 4 hours of application. 

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