VFI-1007 is a single component, solvent based, polyurethane sealer/primer. It can be applied directly to metal, and is used as a tie coat primer when applying a polyurethane coating over an existing coating.

VFI-1007 Polyurethane Metal Primer

VFI-1007 Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Single component
  • Exellent adhesion to most coatings


VFI-1007 can be applied using a uniform wet coat with a medium nap roller. It can also be sprayed applied using conventional equipment. The use of a respirator is necessary. Do not heat it before or during spray application. Additional coats may be applied as soon as the previous coat is firm. Apply the top coat within eight hours.

The minimum recoat time with substrate temperature above 90°F is 2 hours. At 65°F to 70°F recoat in 4 hours minimum. Mix thoroughly before using. Some separation tends to occur during storage. All surfaces must be clean and free of contaminates and be able to provide mechanical adhesion for the coating. 

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