VFI-2511, flexible plastic encapsulant, is an impact resistant coating that protects easily deformable substrates, such as EPS and insulative foams. This plastic coating can be texured to splash protect drywall, wood or other architectural substrates from many common liquids. 

VFI-2511 Flexible Plastic Encapsulant

VFI-2511 Advantages

  • Low VOC's
  • Superior hardness
  • Impact resistant
  • Waterproof encapsulating material
  • Custom colors available
  • Two component systems
  • 100% solids
  • Sprayable and brushable


VFI-2511 is a two component, 100% solids, one to one by volume, fast cure polyurethane coating. It is described as having moderate impact resistance.  It is intended for use as a plural component spray applied coating for a variety of applications. 

Use plural component airless spray equipment capable of maintaining temperatures of 140°-150°F, 1800 psi minimum pressure and a 1:1 volume mix ratio. VFI-2511 is compatible with a wide range of plural component spray guns, however, for detailed work the Gusmer GX-8 and especially the Gusmer DI modification for the GX-7 400 come highly recommended. 

Applied coating will set in 2-4 minutes at 70°F, depending on film thickness, liquid material temperatures and the substrate temperature. It is encouraged to begin priming or painting the plastic at the first sign of cure to maximize adhesion. 

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