VFI-1003 is a solvent based corrosion inhibiting polyurethane primer containing micaceous iron oxide. It displays excellent protection and adhesion to metal. 

VFI-1003 Corrosion Inhibiting Primer

VFI-1003 Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Single component
  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Exellent adhesion to most coatings
  • Red coloring
  • Consistency is a low viscosity fluid


All surfaces must be free of all contaminates and be able to provide mechanical adhesion for the coating. VFI-1003 can be brushed, rolled or sprayed using conventional equipment. However, the applicator must take precautions against inhalation of particulate matter. Use of a proper respirator is necessary.  VFI-1003 will dry in 6 hours at 77°F. VFI-1003 must be coated within 24 hours. After 24 hours, inter-coat adhesion can be poor. 

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