VFI-714 is a nominal, closed cell, two pound, spray polyurethane, wall foam. It features a 6.6 R-Value that results in fast acting expanding properties that fill all voids, cracks, gaps and crevices. VFI-714 will provide maximum energy efficiency for your home or commercial property.    

VFI-714 Closed Cell Spray Foam
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

VFI-714 Advantages

  • 6.6 R-Value 
  • No seams – no leaks
  • Provides a tight seal against internal and external elements, allergens and pollutant
  • Lightweight formula
  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient – lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Adds structural strength 
  • Provides vapor barrier


VFI-714 is a two component, medium density, one to one by volume spray applied polyurethane foam. It is suitable for application to most construction materials including: wood, masonry, concrete and metal. All surfaces to be sprayed with foam shoul dbe clean, dry and free of dew or frost. All metal to which the foam is to be applied must be free of oil, grease, etc. Three inches should be the maximum thickness of each pass. Allow ten minutes between each pass to allow for cooling. Multiple layers can be applied to reach the desired thickness and R-Value. 

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