VFI-695 is a clear sealer/water-repellent intended for use on bare brick and stone walls. It provides a durable, clear protective barrier against water and dirt. VFI-695 will resist the growth of biological matter due to its ability to shed water and dirt. Because it does not create a film,  VFI-695 allows the wall to have excellent breathability. 

VFI-695 Clear Wall Sealant/Water-repellent

VFI-695 Advantages

  • Easy application with no special tools necessary
  • No film build or gloss means that VFI-695 can prevent water intrusion without changing the appearance of brick and stone walls
  • Reduces efflorescence and biological growth
  • Allows the wall to "breathe", so that existing moisture can pass through


Two coats are required, using a wet-on-wet procedure to ensure complete coverage. A test patch should be performed prior to general application for the customer's approval to ensure that desired water repellency and appearance areachieved. Apply in wet-on-wet fashion, allowing product to run down surface approximately 12 inches (305 mm). Maximum water ad oil repellency realized in 72 hours. Beading generally improves over time. Application rate may vary due to porosity of substrate. 

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