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Volatile Free, Inc. Releases New Polyurethane Rubber Line with Best-In-Class Release Characteristics

Posted on: February 13th, 2024 by mandig

Volatile Free, Inc. Releases New Polyurethane Rubber Line with Best-In-Class Release Characteristics

infoBrookfield, Wisconsin–(Newsfile Corp. – January 18, 2024) – Volatile Free, Inc. today announced a new addition to its liquid polyurethane rubber line. The Midwest-based company said its product line addition is the best-releasing polyurethane rubber in its class with premium properties. The easier demolding characteristics will put less stress on the casting, resulting in a much lower breakage rate. Typical companies that manufacture cast stone and manufactured stone veneer can experience a production breakage rate of 8-10%. Initial field testing indicates an 80% reduction.

“There haven’t really been many changes or improvements to the urethane rubber market since its creation. We feel that this is the first significant improvement in the industry. Testing has shown a substantially lower breakage rate on casted parts in the field, which equates to less material waste and longer-lasting molds,” stated Michael Sullivan, Technical Director of Volatile Free, Inc. He added that “This is the closest you can get to the release characteristics of silicone in a polyurethane.”

Volatile Free, Inc. manufactures polyurethane rubbers and plastics, epoxies, and silicones that are used by concrete producers across North America. To learn more, visit

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New Fire-Retardant Hard Coat System

Posted on: May 18th, 2020 by Marc

Volatile Free, Inc. formulated the industry’s first polyurethane hard coat cartridge system with fire retardant qualities. The hard coat was designed for long-lasting protection of foam sculptures, parts, and components and protects against external impacts and environmental elements. The 6170 is available for plural component spray systems and the 6171 is available in the convenient Qwik Spray System® with hassle-free cartridge sets.

VFI is Celebrating 25 Years!

Posted on: May 18th, 2020 by Marc

We are excited to announce that Volatile Free is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020. To honor the milestone, we are unveiling a refreshed logo and new brand colors. The company is ready to continue offering the same high-quality products and exceptional customer service for the next 25 years with a more modern look and feel.

Acrylic/Silicone Hybrid System

Posted on: January 5th, 2020 by Marc

The Acrylic/Silicone Hybrid System from Volatile Free, Inc. combines the best performance characteristics of their proven acrylic and silicone liquid applied roof coating lines. VFI-640-1 acrylic gray base coat, used together with non-woven polyester fabric, offers a seamless coating with lasting adhesion and excellent waterproofing characteristics. SEALGUARD VFI-991® standard solids, silicone top coat is then applied resulting in superior protection against standing water and aging with 100% UV resistance. The Acrylic/Silicone Hybrid System is unique to the liquid applied roofing industry and is exclusive to Volatile Free, Inc. and VFI approved distributors.

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