Case Study: Washington Roofing uses new Polyurethane Basecoat with Silicone Topcoat!

Roof History

Bailey Hall at Fort Scott Community College was experiencing roof seam leaks. The Modified Bitumen roof was starting to alligator where past repairs had been made with asphaltic material.

Before image of Mod Bit Roof

The Solution

Washington Roofing & Insulation chose to use the ultimate Volatile Free, Inc. Roofing System. This includes:

  1. VFI-#11 Water Based Epoxy Primer
  2. VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam
  3. VFI-3600 Polyurethane Basecoat

The Installation

Washington Roofing & Insulation used VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam around the perimeter of the roof, roof units and all protrusions.  They then treated every seam with VFI-3600 Polyurethane Base Coat for the best security and to make them water tight. Last, they coated the roof with UV Stable High Solids SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE.

VFI-727 sprayed around perimeters and VFI-3600 applied on all seams

The Result

This roof had been leaking for quite some time into the classroom below. This system stopped all leaks, restored integrity to the roof and saved the college a costly tear off.

VFI-990 topcoat over VFI-3600, VFI-727 and VFI-#11

Product Information

VFI-#11 Water Epoxy is a general purpose, two component, water based, epoxy primer. It provides excellent adhesion and superior strength to most metal, mod bit/BUR single-ply, concrete and wood.

VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam is a spray applied, polyurethane, roofing insulation foam. When combined with SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE, it forms a superior barrier that can extend an existing roof’s life. VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam is UL certified.

VFI-3600 Polyurethane Basecoat is a two component, aromatic polyurethane coating that forms a tough elastomeric membrane, that provides waterproofing and impact resistance when applied to the existing roof substrate.

The SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE is a cool roof coating and is UL, Energy Star, Miami Dade, and T24 certified. SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE is also a single component, high solid roof coating. It forms an elastomeric, waterproof, white membrane that protects your roof from water damage and UV deterioration.

Case Study: Mid Central Contract Services

Roof History

In the fall of 2016, Volatile Free, Inc. (VFI) Representative, Adam Scheafbauer, was contacted by Mid Central Contract Services, to inspect the existing 57,000 square feet granulated modified bitumen roof after hearing reports of hail damage. A thorough visual inspection quickly confirmed the hail damage. Adam Scheafbauer immediately started working with Stan Hudson, of Mid Central Contract Services, and Stan Williams, a professional roofing and insurance expert, to determine the best way to address the situations and determine a plan of action to prevent further damage to the system from moisture intrusion.

Spraying SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE on Metal Roof


The Solution

Discussions were held with the owner and the insurance company, and the team presented a proposal that eliminated the need for costly tear-off and replacement that could disrupt their day to day operations. There was concern about initial moisture intrusion into the existing system as a result of the hail damage. To mitigate this concern, a company specializing in proprietary engineering systems came to the rescue. It’s special one way vents were sealed in place around the perimeter of the roof, to vent/dry out any moisture present in the damaged membrane. Once the vents were installed, the cleaning and prep process began. The new roof system was installed according to the specific design established for each of the ten roof areas in order to meet the qualifications and specifications of VFI’s warranty. Adjacent buildings at the facility were also inspected. As a result, another 64,000 square feet of metal deck was prepped, primed and coated with SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE by Mid Central Contract Services. At the request of the owner, 23,000 square feet of uninsulated metal roof first received the VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam to eliminate condensation in that particular structure. To protect the spray foam insulation, from future hail damage, 24 mils of VFI’s high impact resistant polyurea was installed and then top coated with the SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE for UV protection. In all, upon completion, nearly 150,000 square feet of roofing is watertight and currently under warranty with the SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE system.

Finished SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE over Metal Roof
Finished SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE over Metal Roof

Case Study: The Ultimate Roof Coating System with Washington Roofing & Insulation!

Washington Roofing & Insulation, Inc. use VFI Silicone and Spray Foam

Roof History
Over the last 30 years, Cottey College has worked with Washington Roofing & Insulation on several roofing projects across campus. For this project, they were looking to repair the roof over the college’s gym and pool area.

The roof was originally completed with a spray polyurethane foam and silicone top coat. The roof had become worn over time and the customer was looking at restoration options. They also wanted to incorporate large solar panels. Washington knew it would be important to use a quality spray polyurethane foam and silicone system to make the roof as smooth as possible.

Mod/bit roof before Foam and Coating

Washington Roofing specializes in spray polyurethane foam and elastomeric coating applications and have completed millions of square feet of roofing and waterproofing projects in their 30 plus years of experience.

The Solution
Washington Roofing & Insulation has had a strong relationship with VFI representative, Adam Scheafbauer for years. They chose to use VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam and SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE due to the longevity of these products.

Installation Details
The process included removing about 1-1.5 inches of old foam and replacing it with VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam.

1. Power wash roof area
2. Scarify roof area
3. Apply 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet of SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE coating
4. Apply .5 gallons per 100 square feet of SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE with broadcasted granules

VFI-727 Polyurethane Spray Foam


SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE over VFI-727 Spray Foam