New Product Alert: Introducing the new VFI-Deck Coating System

Volatile Free, Inc. has launched the new VFI-Deck Coating System. It features a five-layer system designed to protect various types of concrete structures. VFI-Deck Coating System provides superior waterproofing protection while maintaining maximum slip resistance to the substrate.

The types of concrete structures include; balconies, patios, ramps, elevated walkways and previously coated deck systems.

The system includes:

  1. VFI-1007 Polyurethane Primer
  2. VFI-#11 Water Based Epoxy Primer
  3. VFI-3400 Aromatic Polyurethane Deck Basecoat
  4. VFI-Walnut Shell Granules
  5. VFI-3500 Aliphatic Deck Coating

VFI-Deck Coating System Advantage include:

  1. Easy Application with brush or roller
  2. Excellent Adhesion to VFI selected primers
  3. Excellent UV and environmental resistance
  4. Superior waterproofing
  5. Superior flexibility and durability
  6. Manufactured by VFI
  7. Limited warranty available

Contact us today to learn more about the VFI-Deck Coating System!

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